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[movies]Derek Sivers: Weird, or just different? -
"There's a flip side to everything," the saying goes, and in 2 minutes, Derek Sivers shows this is true in a few ways you might not expect.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; creativity; map; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 101
[movies]Harsha Bhogle: The rise of cricket, the rise of India -
The tale of a major global cultural phenomenon: Cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle describes the spectacular arrival of fast-paced 20-20 cricket as it parallels the rise of modern India. He traces the game from its sleepy English roots to the current world of celebrity owners and million-dollar player contracts.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; culture; entertainment; sports; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 163
[movies]Shekhar Kapur: We are the stories we tell ourselves -
Where does creative inspiration spring from? At TEDIndia, Hollywood/Bollywood director Shekhar Kapur ("Elizabeth," "Mr. India") pinpoints his source of creativity: sheer, utter panic. He shares a powerful way to unleash your inner storyteller.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; arts; creativity; entertainment; film; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 150
[movies]Devdutt Pattanaik: East vs. West -- the myths that mystify -
Devdutt Pattanaik takes an eye-opening look at the myths of India and of the West -- and shows how these two fundamentally different sets of beliefs about God, death and heaven help us consistently misunderstand one another.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; culture; global issues; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 479
[movies]Shukla Bose: Teaching one child at a time -
Educating the poor is more than just a numbers game, says Shukla Bose. She tells the story of her groundbreaking Parikrma Humanity Foundation, which brings hope to India's slums by looking past the daunting statistics and focusing on treating each child as an individual.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; development; education; poverty; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 89
[movies]Lalitesh Katragadda: Making maps to fight disaster, build economies -
As of 2005, only 15 percent of the world was mapped. This slows the delivery of aid after a disaster -- and hides the economic potential of unused lands and unknown roads. In this short talk, Google's Lalitesh Katragadda demos Map Maker, a group map-making tool that people around the globe are using to map their world.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDIndia 2009; TED; Talks; collaboration; design; map; technology; 2009
Downloads: 85
[movies]Kavita Ramdas: Radical women, embracing tradition -
Investing in women can unlock infinite potential around the globe. But how can women walk the line between Western-style empowerment and traditional culture? Kavita Ramdas of the Global Fund for Women talks about three encounters with powerful women who fight to make the world better -- while preserving the traditions that sustain them.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDIndia 2009; TED; Talks; culture; social change; third world; women; 2009
Downloads: 269
[movies]Ananda Shankar Jayant fights cancer with dance -
Renowned classical Indian dancer Ananda Shankar Jayant was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. She tells her personal story of not only facing the disease but dancing through it, and gives a performance revealing the metaphor of strength that helped her do it.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; cancer; dance; music; performance; personal growth; storytelling; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 123
[movies]Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media -
In a funny, rapid-fire 4 minutes, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit tells the real-life fable of one humpback whale's rise to Web stardom. The lesson of Mister Splashy Pants is a shoo-in classic for meme-makers and marketers in the Facebook age.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Internet; animals; business; culture; entertainment; entrepreneur; oceans; web; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 100
[movies]Hans Rosling: Asia's rise -- how and when -
Hans Rosling was a young guest student in India when he first realized that Asia had all the capacities to reclaim its place as the world's dominant economic force. At TEDIndia, he graphs global economic growth since 1858 and predicts the exact date that India and China will outstrip the US.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; economics; health; statistics; technology; visualizations; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 106
[movies]Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge -
Kiran Bir Sethi shows how her groundbreaking Riverside School in India teaches kids life's most valuable lesson: "I can." Watch her students take local issues into their own hands, lead other young people, even educate their parents.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; education; leadership; social change; society; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 84
[movies]Thulasiraj Ravilla: How low-cost eye care can be world-class -
India's revolutionary Aravind Eye Care System has given sight to millions. Thulasiraj Ravilla looks at the ingenious approach that drives its treatment costs down and quality up, and why its methods should trigger a re-think of all human services.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; design; health; health care; humanity; medicine; technology; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 63
[movies]Charles Anderson discovers dragonflies that cross oceans -
While living and working as a marine biologist in Maldives, Charles Anderson noticed sudden explosions of dragonflies at certain times of year. He explains how he carefully tracked the path of a plain, little dragonfly called the globe skimmer, only to discover that it had the longest migratory journey of any insect in the world.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biodiversity; biology; biosphere; birds; insects; science; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 364
[movies]Ryan Lobo: Photographing the hidden story -
Ryan Lobo has traveled the world, taking photographs that tell stories of unusual human lives. In this haunting talk, he reframes controversial subjects with empathy, so that we see the pain of a Liberian war criminal, the quiet strength of UN women peacekeepers and the perseverance of Delhi's underappreciated firefighters.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Asia; art; humanity; photography; storytelling; third world; war; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 99
[movies]Pawan Sinha on how brains learn to see -
Pawan Sinha details his groundbreaking research into how the brain's visual system develops. Sinha and his team provide free vision-restoring treatment to children born blind, and then study how their brains learn to interpret visual data. The work offers insights into neuroscience, engineering and even autism.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biology; health care; medicine; neurology; science; sight; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 116
[movies]Alwar Balasubramaniam: Art of substance and absence -
Alwar Balasubramaniam's sculpture plays with time, shape, shadow, perspective: four tricky sensations that can reveal -- or conceal -- what's really out there. At TEDIndia, the artist shows slides of his extraordinary installations.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDIndia 2009; TED; Talks; art; arts; design; entertainment; visualizations; 2009
Downloads: 113
[movies]Romulus Whitaker: The real danger lurking in the water -
The gharial and king cobra are two of India's most iconic reptiles, and they're endangered because of polluted waterways. Conservationist Romulus Whitaker shows rare footage of these magnificent animals and urges us to save the rivers that sustain their lives and our own.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; animals; biodiversity; biosphere; environment; water; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 304
[movies]R.A. Mashelkar: Breakthrough designs for ultra-low-cost products -
Engineer RA Mashelkar shares three stories of ultra-low-cost design from India that use bottom-up rethinking, and some clever engineering, to bring expensive products (cars, prosthetics) into the realm of the possible for everyone.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDIndia 2009; TED; Talks; business; design; economics; industrial design; technology; 2009
Downloads: 450
[movies]Kartick Satyanarayan: How we rescued the "dancing" bears -
Traditionally, the Kalandar community of India has survived by capturing sloth bear cubs and training them to "dance" through extreme cruelty. Kartick Satyanarayan has been able to put an end to this centuries-old practice, and in so doing discovered a lesson of wider significance: make the practitioners part of the solution.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; activism; animals; biodiversity; biosphere; environment; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 167
[movies]Sendhil Mullainathan: Solving social problems with a nudge -
MacArthur winner Sendhil Mullainathan uses the lens of behavioral economics to study a tricky set of social problems -- those we know how to solve, but don't. We know how to reduce child deaths due to diarrhea, how to prevent diabetes-related blindness and how to implement solar-cell technology ... yet somehow, we don't or can't. Why?
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; brain; economics; global issues; health; technology; women; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 72
[movies]Sivamani: Rhythm is everything, everywhere -
Percussionist Sivamani delivers one of TED's liveliest and most inventive performances yet. He uses traditional Western and Eastern instruments to create a rhythmic tour de force, along with a tub of water, corrugated metal, spoons, luggage, our stage props and even a little audience participation.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; arts; live music; music; performance; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 375
[movies]Shaffi Mather: A new way to fight corruption -
Shaffi Mather explains why he left his first career to become a social entrepreneur, providing life-saving transportation with his company 1298 for Ambulance. Now, he has a new idea and plans to begin a company to fight the booming business of corruption in public service, eliminating it one bribe at a time.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Asia; TED Fellows; crime; entrepreneur; potential; poverty; social change; society; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 129
[movies]Aditi Shankardass: A second opinion on learning disorders -
Developmental disorders in children are typically diagnosed by observing behavior, but Aditi Shankardass knew that we should be looking directly at their brains. She explains how a remarkable EEG device has revealed mistaken diagnoses and transformed children's lives.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; medicine; neurology; science; technology; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 161
[movies]Ravin Agrawal: 10 young Indian artists to watch -
Collector Ravin Agrawal delivers a glowing introduction to 10 of India's most exciting young contemporary artists. Working in a variety of media, each draws on their local culture for inspiration.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Asia; art; arts; design; future; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 109
[movies]Mallika Sarabhai: Dance to change the world -
At TEDIndia, Mallika Sarabhai, a dancer/actor/politician, tells
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; dance; entertainment; global issues; politics; social change; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 117
[movies]Shashi Tharoor: Why nations should pursue "soft" power -
India is fast becoming a superpower, says Shashi Tharoor -- not just through trade and politics, but through "soft" power, its ability to share its culture with the world through food, music, technology, Bollywood. He argues that in the long run it's not the size of the army that matters as much as a country's ability to influence the world's hearts and minds.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; culture; entertainment; global issues; politics; writing; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 228
[movies]His Holiness the Karmapa: The technology of the heart -
His Holiness the Karmapa talks about how he was discovered to be the reincarnation of a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism. In telling his story, he urges us to work on not just technology and design, but the technology and design of the heart. He is translated onstage by Tyler Dewar.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDIndia 2009; TED; Talks; brain; culture; happiness; religion; society; 2009
Downloads: 946
[movies]Anil Gupta: India's hidden hotbeds of invention -
Anil Gupta is on the hunt for the developing world's unsung inventors -- indigenous entrepreneurs whose ingenuity, hidden by poverty, could change many people's lives. He shows how the Honey Bee Network helps them build the connections they need -- and gain the recognition they deserve.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; creativity; entrepreneur; innovation; invention; poverty; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 147
[movies]Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology -
At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data -- including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper "laptop." In an onstage Q and A, Mistry says he'll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open its possibilities to all.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; demo; design; open-source; technology; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 548
[movies]Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting -
With wisdom and wit, Anupam Mishra talks about the amazing feats of engineering built centuries ago by the people of India's Golden Desert to harvest water. These structures are still used today -- and are often superior to modern water megaprojects.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; architecture; design; environment; history; innovation; photography; sustainability; water; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 122
[movies]VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization -
Neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran outlines the fascinating functions of mirror neurons. Only recently discovered, these neurons allow us to learn complex social behaviors, some of which formed the foundations of human civilization as we know it.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biology; brain; cognitive science; evolution; neurology; science; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 230
[movies]Eve Ensler: Embrace your inner girl -
In this passionate talk, Eve Ensler declares that there is a girl cell in us all -- a cell that we have all been taught to suppress. She tells heartfelt stories of girls around the world who have overcome shocking adversity and violence to reveal the astonishing strength of being a girl.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; gender; self; social change; women; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 105
[movies]Sunitha Krishnan fights sex slavery -
Sunitha Krishnan has dedicated her life to rescuing women and children from sex slavery, a multimilion-dollar global market. In this courageous talk, she tells three powerful stories, as well as her own, and calls for a more humane approach to helping these young victims rebuild their lives.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDIndia 2009; TED; Talks; Asia; Slavery; children; global issues; poverty; sex; trafficking; women; 2009
Downloads: 1,015
[movies]Jane Chen: A warm embrace that saves lives -
In the developing world, access to incubators is limited by cost and distance, and millions of premature babies die each year. TED Fellow Jane Chen shows an invention that could keep millions of these infants warm -- a design that's safe, portable, low-cost and life-saving.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; design; entrepreneur; health; innovation; invention; medicine; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 305
[movies]Asher Hasan's message of peace from Pakistan -
One of a dozen Pakistanis who came to TEDIndia despite security hassles entering the country, TED Fellow Asher Hasan shows photos of ordinary Pakistanis that drive home a profound message for citizens of all nations: look beyond disputes, and see the humanity we share.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; entrepreneur; global issues; health; health care; peace; politics; violence; war; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 102
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